Thursday, August 17, 2017

What Is Workman’s Comp For?

Workman's Comp or Worker Compensation insurance is a legal obligation of employers who must ensure a safe workplace and conditions for the employees. Unfortunately, accidents happen all the time and the best thing is to be prepared. Workman's Comp provides coverage translated into benefits  for both the employer and the employee a :medical care and compensation of a part of the income lost while the employee cannot work and protection for the employer against lawsuits filed by employees who get injured while being at work.

It doesn’t matter who’s fault was in the accident; with Workman’s Comp, the injured worker will receive compensation.   Dan Caplis Law is available a proven Denver personal injury attorney will stand for you.

Important things you need to know:

-Worker Compensation insurance will cover most but not all job-related injuries. Limitations include accidents that happen due to using alcohol and drugs, self-inflicted injuries, injuries caused by improper behavior (for example a person who starts a fight), or injuries that follow company policy violation.

-You do not have to be injured at your workplace to receive coverage; you only have to do work-related errand or attend business-related tasks.

-You will receive coverage not just for medical diagnosis and treatment, but also for disability issues, rehabilitation and retraining.

-In special cases, if you are injured because of an intentional action of the employer, you can bypass the workman’s comp and sue for various damages.

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