Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Construction Trends in Colorado

Colorado is a state with fantastic scenery and nice urban architecture, but the population boom started 3-4 decades ago contributed to the apparition of ugly suburbs and increased the new home construction crisis. The population will double by 2050, job opportunities keep growing in the state, attracting more and more people, and the lack of homes and aesthetics is a worrying issue. Specialists estimate that the construction pace is only at 1995 levels, even if in Denver, for example, it seems that there is construction activity everywhere you look and 2016 saw a record in construction projects.

office view

One of the visible tendencies is to reduce large surface parking lots, increasing the space for new buildings - not just residential, but also office and industrial. However, apartment buildings lead in number (60% of all construction starts, last year).  As with an increase in people, unfortunately there is an increase in need for auto accident lawyer Denver Colorado area too!

Another visible trend is to reduce the size of the homes. The accent now seems to be put on building smaller homes, but with inventive and practical layouts, which compensate the overall size. The materials are more and more strong and eco-friendly. Homes tend to be equipped with more and improved pipes and HVAC systems, as well as high-tech and security features.




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